May 20, 2013

Quick! Green Garlic

This week I can barely put together full sentences. Spring fever has me in its jaws and everything seems to race forward like something tumbling down the stairs. I can't catch my breath. Here are the lilacs, now beginning to brown, and the violets, almost buried by tall grass, and green garlic, which if you don't catch it, will be gone in an instant, turned into big old real garlic heads with the fierce attitude of a Boston driver on a Friday afternoon. Green garlic can be found at farmer's markets right now, and is often the result of farmers thinning their garlic patch, but the tall thin stalks have a gentle, sweet and rich flavor that is so delicious and versatile. It doesn't have the bite of mature garlic, so it can be used raw; the other night I just mashed up the white part in my mortar and pestle and spread it over salmon before broiling it in the oven. just so good.

In addition to green garlic and salmon here is a list of other good things i've been loving lately:

 - waking up to noisy birds
- my rock collection
- coffee
- the orchid I left for dead sending out a new spike
- hand washing my apron from work
- potato chips
- these rain soaked and sun dried books on a bridge:

- Roget's Thesaurus
- French lilacs
- big dogs pulling their owners and teeny tiny dogs in strollers
- ice water
- dirty martinis and mostly the olives
- Thai basil, Greek basil, all basil
- seeing Mirabelle learning to walk
- discovering delicious mangoes at the Indian grocer
- this song 
- my friend's wedding registry that contains mostly camping gear
- fresh sweetpeas from the farmer's market

- feeling shy but exhilarated an art opening
- a random spring rainstorm
- Beyonce
- cooking with friends
- field hockey at night
- Roald Dahl's The BFG
- asparagus
- big cloud formations
- falling asleep with books under the covers
- coke in a glass bottle
- ingredients that harmonize, like these two


1 comment:

  1. So glad you caught the spring garlic! It complimented the three salads perfectly!