AROMATUM is a food blog about aromatic seeds, plants and flavors that give our food meaning beyond our simple need to survive. Spices are like stories: they infuse our lives with tradition, warmth and joy. Making observations from my travels to spice farms, hidden markets, foreign kitchens and my home kitchen, I've created this blog as a space to share my scented, spice-driven journey with you.

CURIO SPICE CO. is my spice business founded on the principle of sourcing sustainable spices and sharing their stories & vibrant flavors with you.

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I live in Somerville, Massachusetts. I grew up in the Boston area, as well as in rural Maine where my family had a big garden and a fixer-upper house. I grew herbs out of an old boat. Every winter my dad would come home with a giant bag of expired seed packets from a friend who ran a farm stand near by. He'd  dump them out on our living room floor and I'd spend the next several days organizing them into families. Not much has changed, only instead of poring over Red Leaf Lettuce and Persian cukes, I'm now at home with saffron, nigella and nutmeg.

I started Aromatum in 2013 after self-publishing my book Art of the Harvest, an illustrated journey of the Greek saffron harvest (see below for more info). The word aromatum comes from a quotation that an old guy wrote to another old guy in Latin about setting sail to find spices.
"ad loca aromatum," he said. 

To the places where the spices are.

painting of the saffron crocus, Crocus sativus from Art of the Harvest


To view or purchase my book about Saffron entitled "Art of the Harvest", go here.

To read more about old guys who liked sailing ships to the spice lands, go here.


  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely words and thoughts with the rest of us. My world is already more colorful!

  2. dried-things from far away -- love this description of spices..

    my spicebook like an artiste palette is this one:

  3. Dear Claire,
    I am Gregoire the owner of Aromatum SAS - a spice trading company founded in 2012 in Versailles - France .
    My mail address is
    It might be interest to see how our companies could collaborate.
    Best regards